About Myself

Munich Born in Munich (Muenchen), Germany in 1973; I lived there for 11 years. Went to kindergarden, primary school and the Isar Gymnasium (Junior-High). Then we (my family) returned to Istanbul. [The picture to the left is the symbol of Munich. 'Das Muenchener Kindl' which represents a monk. The city was founded by monks. The meaning of Muenchen comes from 'to the monks' or rather in german 'zu den Moenchen' which in time transformed into 'Muenchen'.]
In Istanbul I continued my education in german at Ortadogu Lisesi, junor-high and high school up until 1989. We moved about a bit from Avcilar to Sisli and then to Ulus. Next stop, New York! [The picture to the right is a sunset (sundown?!?) at the Bosphorus with a view of the Bosphorus bridge. Istanbul
New York I spent two years in New York. I went there to the Bayard Rustin Highschool for Humanities. Afterwards I attendend the City College of New York of the City University of New York (thats CCNY of CUNY :) ) [To the left you can see the Statue of Liberty, the only place in New York I somehow never got around to see :) Well finally I did see it while in NYC as a tourist in 1999/2000]
Back in Istanbul! I went to the Computer Engineering Department Marmara University and completed my B.Sc. there. Then I went to Yeditepe University. Where I finished my M.Sc. So where does Istanbul get its name from. One version is like this... Previously Istanbul was known as 'Constantinopolis' - The city of constantin. Polis or pol means city in greek, when people where asked where they were going, they replied 'to the city' -> Istanpol, or rather Istanbul. Kı Kulesi
Amsterdam House In 1999 I moved to Amsterdam. Working as an IT consultant initially at OSC. Amsterdam gets its name from "Amstel Dam". Amstel is the river which flows through the city, and is the ONLY natural canal within Amsterdam. All other canals where build using dams to transport goods within the city. I got married!. Wedding Website.
Now I work for Bitbrains still in Amsterdam! Amsterdam Windmill

For more about my families heritage, visit www.devletkildi.net.

And these are some hobbies and favorite past times

- Trekking / Nature Walks / Camping
- Diving
- Photography
- Sailing
- Linux
- Reading
- Science Fiction / Fantasy
- System Administration
- Chess
- Playing Bridge
- Theater, Opera, Ballet
- Movies
- Surfing the Net
- Online Comics
- Building model planes, ships ...


Diving in Küçükkuyu (Assos)

S.E.A Diving @ Küçükkuyu

Diving in Croatia



Keukenhof 2011-04

Diving in Tropea,IT

Diving in Tropea, Italy

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